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Start Performing Community Organisation

Black Johnson School of Excellence and Leadership

Black Johnson

York rural area

Sierra Leone

SPCO-SL’s prime objective is; To build and staff a school for the children of Black Johnson Village, Western Peninsula, York Rural District, Sierra Leone.

Fanø (Faneo) Asked Questions

SPCO School Radio Project – Salone Will Never Walk Alone.

Salone Will Never Walk Alone

In response to the Ebola crisis and unsolicited Western charity singles the people of Black Johnson have recorded an original anthem to raise awareness and funds for the SPCO School Radio Project.

SPCO School Radio Project

Excerpt “Efua Mammah is a six year old girl who came up with the original thought of how school lessons broadcast by radio could easily be missed or misunderstood. She asked how pupils or their parents might be able to go back to the lesson again, so gave birth to the idea of recording the lessons. This simple yet effective idea has now gained the active support of national and independent radio stations and the Minister of Education” SPCO has developed the idea and with your support we can help every child in Sierra Leone to receive an education.

Salone Will Never Walk Alone is available on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Emusic, Rhopsody etc. Please show your support by sharing and promoting the track. SPCO is run by volunteers without the need for swanky London offices, scores of administration staff and other overheads that large NGOs claim. Every penny donated goes directly to helping the people of Sierra Leone. Audio track (Left) Video (below) do some good tell a friend to tell a friend.

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